Texas Pension Plans

The Texas Retirement System (TRS) provides retirement and related benefits for those employed by the public schools and supported by the State of Texas. Learn more about TRS.



Employment that makes one eligible for membership in TRS:
  • Regular employment with a single public, state-supported educational institution in Texas that is expected to last for a period of 4 1/2 months or more,
  • For one-half or more of the full-time workload, and
  • With compensation paid at a rate comparable to the rate of compensation for other persons employed in similar positions

All new TRS Eligible employees are eligible for benefits on the first day of the month following the first day worked, or the date they become eligible for benefits. At no time will employees be eligible for coverage before the first day worked by the employee.

Exceptions to TRS membership include but are not limited to:
  • A substitute, as defined by TRS Rules (To be considered a substitute, the individual must be serving in a position currently held by another employee and paid at a rate of pay that does not exceed the rate for substitute work established by the employer.);
  • A person employed on a temporary (less than four and one-half months), part-time (less than one-half time), seasonal, or on an irregular basis.

Green Dot will make all required employer and employee contributions for employees eligible for TRS benefits on a timely basis.

Employees may contact TRS by calling 800-223-8778 or 512-542-6400. TRS information is also available online at https://www.trs.texas.gov/ .

Additional TRS Resources: